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Logic Group Completes New VbV and SecureCode Hosting Facility with Help of Modirum MDpay

15.11.2006 In October 2006, the Logic Group completed the implementation of the new enhanced hosting facility, which will enable the company to offer hosted Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode services for large retail merchants in the UK. The implementation was based on MDpay MPI software, which the Logic Group has used earlier in VbV and SecureCode implementations. During the implementation, the solution was successfully tested with the major UK acquiring banks.

The Logic Group is a leading retail merchant software vendor in the UK and over 60% of leading UK retail stores use Logic Group software. Logic Group software has been deployed across the broadest range of retail stores including supermarkets, department stores, clothing, general retail, speciality, electrical, home improvement and in such environments as store, Internet storefronts, call centers, interactive voice response and kiosks. In Internet payments, Logic Group has successfully enabled several high-volume merchants to join Verified by VISA and SecureCode services.

Logic Group new hosting facility is a new proof that Modirum MDpay software can be successfully used in high-volume transaction environments. "Logic Group is the best possible reference for the UK payment software market and we look forward to work with the company in the most demanding VbV and SecureCode installation projects", says Pasi Lindholm, Director of Internatiolal Sales of Modirum MDpay.

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